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C o d a i n Inter-networking Consultancy
When information fails to deliver, we provide practical solutions.
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Company statements

Mission statement
Codain has found that there is a need for a practical approach to bring information to management.
With high standards in quality and service Codain assists management in setting up a structured system of connectivity and thus meet company goals.
Our clients can expect practical solutions from an experienced team of communication consultants.

Let's get a closer look at practice and share some of our insights:
Unwrapping IT market trends from business needs:

  • Ever felt driven by IT market trends?
  • Ever lost feeling in fullfilling business needs?
  • Why and how did we got so far?

Analyse the necessity of IT market trends for your business needs! Some statements:

  • Fast followers don’t always have benefits!
  • Marketing of IT-tools is driven by home-users not by professional businesses!
  • Vast hardware introductions lead to uncontrolled installations

So what do you actually want to do in IT?

  • Differenciate short and long term revenues related to IT investments
  • State the desired objectives in terms of business needs

Populair believe: Tailormade software is too expensive! But changing your workplace hardware every six months is not!?
Where have priorities gone, in determining the right investments in IT facilities ?

Architectual concepts are believed to be provided! By whom and based on what ? Architecture not an of the shelf product!

Using effort to define your own architectual concept provides you the actual Return On Investments!

Have you thought about this:

  • Clients/users demand rapid application delivery; that is: new functions to support your specific business.
  • Dedicated application development gets overruled by standard packages
  • Are requirements defined by those who went shopping in the pc-shop last saturday?

How do you match business needs to applications selected ? Have you experienced the blocking effects ?
If not then please continue with your current IT policy. If so, then continue reading

Are they right ? Is fast following neccessary ? Are applications actually being used ?

What does practice show us nowadays ?

  • Business time is used for installing new hard-/software
  • Business time is used to test if deliverables are applicable
  • Business time is used to survey IT market on new products

By the way: What was the business about and how much time do you still spend on your actual business ?

Objectives for our clients
Setting a mid and long term strategy based on architectual concepts for current and future selected IT systems.
Rearrangement of current installed base to facilitate new infrastructural designs.

Analyze current installed systems, platforms, networks and other connections to create awareness of current base.

Determine whether current base holds a strategy which actually is adapted to support business needs.

Rearrange and amend current base and define an architectual concept supported by a strategy suited to the business.

Supporting the business can be done when requirements of users are implemented and adapted to the characteristics of their way of working and thinking.

IT is a technical approach in knowing when to use what, related to that what is already in place.

Information is only useful when available on every location and formatted in user and/or medium specific standards.

IT access
Provision of information on any location is only limited by selection of adequate tools and mediums.

Some practical advice

  • Let staff use pc’s for games at home
  • Give staff application to explore at home
  • Provide staff with education tools at home
  • Let’s get business on the roll again
  • Provide facilities supporting business needs

And some more...

  • Tool in getting the better environment is distributed computing.
  • Split your IT into manageble portions per type of process.
  • Dedicate storage tot storage environments
  • Dedicate processing to processing environments
  • Dedicate presentation to presentation environments


A PentiumPro 200Mhz is experienced to provide better performance than a PentiumII MMX 300Mhz for storage functions; why is that?
Well the storage routines (i.e. bus-requirements) are implemented differently in those chips.
So if you want the best than don’t look at speeds and latest models, but know why. And we know why!

This is why you call Codain
The forementioned is our simplicity in its best, a minimum example on the right approach, but it gives you a fair idea on what we are actually talking about.
It however is one of many insights that we have.

Why do we simply tell you this?

Again a simple answer: we have the experience, based on your business needs, to map all relevant aspects of your business processes, applications,
installed systems and user requirements as well as locations to tailormade an overall architectual approach
for your mid and long term investments.

We never advise you to simply throw out your current investments. We provide you with information and strategies that enables you to get the best
out of your investments and use it as a base for better performance in the future.

Our experience is the product that we provide.
Our relations and market-insigths are the tools we give to assist you and our commitment is providing you with the actual results.

We do not predict a single standard method to be the solution. It is a set of appropriate methods that in combination provides better approach for your specific situation.

Our knowledge and experience in IT-environments (LAN, WAN, hosted, network-centric, distributed, centralized, Client/server, networkcomputing, thin/fat client,
Networked-pc, NETpc, terminal, (this can continue for another page or so))
provides you with the right direction and foreall a practical approach in addressing the upcoming and actual business challenges.

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